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Compete Natural Or Glitz!
The All New
Every Contestant gets TWO FREE HERSHEYPARK TICKETS & wins a crown, sash, title, and cash!
Over $30,000 Awarded in Cash & Prizes
July 20, 21, 22, 2018
Red Lion Hotel 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA
Natural 0-3 yrs. Kaydence 4-8 yrs. Bella 9-21 yrs. Casey
Boys Sir-Weslynn
Glitz 0-3 yrs. Mia 4-8 yrs. Jazlene 9-21 yrs. Payton
Glitz 0-3 yrs. Baylee 4-8 yrs. Amayah 9-21 yrs. Emily Boys Bryce Natural 0-3 yrs. Gia'Renee 4-8 yrs. Jessica 9-21 yrs. Jada
Glitz 0-3 yrs. Jonnay 4-8 yrs. Raelynn 9-21 yrs. Melanie Boys Andres Natural 0-3 yrs. Daisy 4-8 yrs. Delanie 9-21 yrs. Mia
Heavenly Angels supreme.jpg
Rounded Rectangle
Heavenly Angels Grand Supreme
Glitz 0-3 yrs. Hadley 4-8 yrs. Stella 9-21 yrs. Sienna Boys Kyrron Natural 0-3 yrs. Caroline 4-8 yrs. Jasleen 9-21 yrs. Jaelynn
Ultimate Grand Supreme.jpg
Ultimate Grand Supreme
Grand Supreme.jpg
Grand Supreme
Mini Supreme.jpg
Natural 0-3 yrs. Jayna 4-8 yrs. Leah 9-21 yrs. Gloria
Elite Supreme.jpgElite Supreme.jpgRounded Rectangle
Elite Supreme
Rounded Rectangle
Mini Supreme
Glitz 4-8 yrs. Isabella 9-21 yrs. Ciara