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Compete Natural Or Glitz!
The All New
Every Contestant wins a crown, sash, title, and cash!
Over $30,000 Awarded in Cash & Prizes
July 20, 21, 22, 2018
Division Supreme Queen
Glitz 0-23 mths: Maddison 3ys: Kaleigh 4yrs: Chloe 5-6yrs: Marleigh 7-8yrs: Miley 9-10 yrs: Payton 13-15yrs: Mckayla
Pro Supreme
Natural 0-4 yrs. Kenzlee 5-10 yrs. Kennedy 11-21 yrs. Samantha
Glitz 0-4 yrs. Baylee 5-10 yrs. Gabriella 11-21 yrs. Mary
Novice Supreme
Natural 0-4 yrs. Ilanah 5-10 yrs. Gemma 11-21 yrs. JaeLynn
Glitz 0-4 yrs. RaeLynne 5-10 yrs. Leyla 11-21 yrs. Emily
Amateur Supreme
Glitz 0-4 yrs. Arielle 5-10 yrs. Gracie
Natural 0-4 yrs. Melody 5-10 yrs. Naida 11-21 yrs. Kayleigh
Angel Supreme
Glitz 0-4 yrs. Sophia 5-10 yrs. Kenzie 11-21 yrs. Marta
Natural 0-4 yrs. Zoe 5-10 yrs. Ariel 5-10 yrs. Brylie 11-21 yrs. Jalaya
GROUP.jpgGROUP1.jpg9_10 Payton Malovrh.jpg3 Kaleigh Kinsey.jpg5 6 Marleigh Stiles.jpg7_8 Miley Geibel.jpg13_15 McKayla Morrison.jpg4 Chloe Black.jpg0_23 Maddison Trump.jpg
Natural 0-23 mths: Brielle 4yrs: Samirah 5-6yrs: Kendal 9-10 yrs: Sienna 11-12yrs: Jillian 13-15yrs: Gloria 16-21yrs: Hailey
16_21 Hailey States.jpg9_10 Sienna Dixon.jpg4 Samirah Mantle_James.jpg0_23 Brielle Winters.jpg5_6 Kendal Narosky.jpg11_12 Jillian Timberlake.jpg13_15 Gloria Greene.jpg
Division Beauty Queen
Glitz 4yrs: Aspen 5-6yrs: Bella 7-8yrs: Mikia 13-15yrs: Faith
Natural 9-10yrs. Allison 11-12yrs: Morgan
Angel Elite
Glitz 4yrs: Lillian
4 Lilian Aurish_156.jpg13_15 Faith Greene.jpg4_Aspen Lentz_165.jpg5_6 Bella Smith_199.jpg7_8 Mikia Nash_230.jpg11_12 Morgan Myers.jpg9_10 Allison States.jpgCORRECTION_Group.png